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Web Hosting

Choose the operating system you want for your Web Hosting service:

Linux Web Hosting
Windows Web Hosting

from € 18,90 per year
from € 18,90 per year

Web Hosting is the most common type in the field of hosting services for both personal and commercial use.

With this service many websites share the same server, and use the same software and the same operating system of the server that hosts them.

Our web hosting platform ensures speed of access to the site, variety and reliability of service, customization and, last but not least, cheapness of plans.

Enabling the service is made within 1 day from the request and is provided with all necessary instructions and assistance. You can also transfer an existing domain from another provider.

Follow these simple steps to purchase your Web Hosting plan:

  •  Choose the Web Hosting plan you want (Windows or Linux) and click "Order"

  •  Choose the domain you want to register (eg:

  •  Configure your hosting plan

  •  Fill in the information for your account creation

  •  Submit the request and wait for our order confirmation 

Linux Web Hosting Windows Web Hosting

from € 18,90 per year
from € 18,90 per year

Advantages of Web Hosting


Web Hosting is the cheapest hosting service. Its price is lower both than Virtual Server and Dedicated Hosting. This is often an important factor when choosing a provider. The cost of this service is lower thanks to the fact that you only use a portion of the server.

Ease of use

Another advantage of this service is its easiness of configuring and maintaining a website.
Web Hosting is the simplest form of managed hosting, it comes with easy to use graphical user interface (GUI) and options available with a simple click, and includes tools such as the control panel and Web-mail.
So those who don't have high technical skills to manage a server will take great advantage from using this service.


Technical assistance is another important factor. Along with the supply of web space, Hosting Partner provides specialized technical support to help solve any problem concerning servers, websites, or software tools.

Additional features

Among the major advantages of Web Hosting there are also the additional features available with an account. Although there are plans with different prices, even lower-level services offer such features. They are software tools that come included with a hosting plan:

  • control panel
  • multiple e-mail accounts
  • FTP access
  • scripting languages (PHP, Perl, ASP, ASP.NET)
  • MySQL databases
  • site statistics
  • ...and much more

This meets the needs of customers who require a wide and diversified service, which goes beyond the simple supply of web space.

Choose your Web Hosting plan:

Linux Web Hosting                            Windows Web Hosting

from € 18,90 per year
from € 18,90 per year

You want to use a CMS or E-commerce?

Buy one of our plans with the best software pre-installed.

Joomla Hosting   WordPress Hosting Magento Hosting PrestaShop Hosting ZenCart Hosting OSCommerce Hosting

And also: VirtueMart, OpenCart, Comersus, Xoops, Mambo, PHPNuke, DotNetNuke, PhpBB, Snitz and many more...

With the hosting plans of HostingPartner you can easily install the most famous CMS and many other programs from the control panel.

You can also use them with Entry Hosting plans by choosing the database option.


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