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Virtual Servers

Choose the operating system you want for your Virtual Server:

Linux Virtual Servers
Windows Virtual Servers

from 9,90 per month
from € 29 per month

The Virtual Server is an innovative platform for web hosting, with performance very close to that of a dedicated server, but with a cost comparable to many shared-server hosting solutions.

A Virtual Private Server (VPS) is a method of partitioning a physical server into multiple servers so that it has the appearance and functionalities of running on its own dedicated machine. A VPS, which can also be called a virtual dedicated server, can run its own operating system and it can be independently rebooted.

A VPS is a good bridge between a web hosting plan and a fully dedicated server, giving independence from other customers on shared servers, but at a cheaper cost than a physical dedicated server.

The Virtual Server is ideal for those businesses with big needs, small budget and limited internal IT resources, or for resellers which want to manage all their customers with a single instrument.
A Virtual Server, in fact, can host several domains, divided into many hosting plans, fully managed by the user independently.
You can fully manage your Virtual Server by directly administering your hosted domains: you can create new plans, FTP accounts, email accounts, set limits for disk space, etc..

Easy to use as a web hosting platform, Virtual Server is an innovative solution that offers the power of a dedicated server, at a low cost.

Linux Virtual Servers Windows Virtual Servers

from 9,90 per month
from € 29 per month

Follow these simple steps to purchase your Virtual Server:

  •  Choose the Virtual Server plan you want (Windows or Linux) and click "Order"

  •  Choose the name of your server and the login password

  •  Choose the additional options you want

  •  Fill in the information for your account creation

  •  Submit the request and wait for our order confirmation 

Choose your Virtual Server plan:

Linux Virtual Servers                       Windows Virtual Servers

from 9,90 per month
from € 29 per month

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