Terms of Service

These terms and conditions concern the rules applicable to the service rendered by CORAEL Srl via HostingPartner as determined in this contract.

The online transmission to CORAEL Srl of the order form requesting the service and the payment of the charged fee constitute full acceptance of the terms and conditions of this contract, which are written and prepared in compliance with rules contained in Legislative Decree no. 185, 22 May 1999 (Italian Law - implementation of the Directive on the protection of consumers in respect of distance contracts).

Duration, renewal and withdrawal of contract:

The service has a duration of 1 year from the date of billing and it is automatically renewed by the customer annually upon expiration of the first year and subsequent to the period of 12 months.

A month before the expiry HostingPartner will send warnings likely to proceed with the renewal of the service, which payment is to be done at least 15 days before the expiry of the service.

The cancellation of service must be notified at least 15 days before expiry by sending a withdrawal request via e-mail to hostmaster@hostingpartner.it or by fax to +39 011203272. Otherwise, the domain will be renewed automatically


If not made by credit card, send a copy of bank transfer or postal receipt to hostmaster@hostingpartner.it or by fax to +39 011203272.

The registration practices will be sent upon receipt of the copy certifying the payment. By accepting these Terms and Conditions the Customer expressly agrees that the invoice is sent and / or made available in electronic format.

Use of the domain name:

On successful registration, the customer becomes the legitimate owner of the domain name chosen, and he remains the sole and exclusive responsible for its use.


It is forbidden for the customer to use the services provided by HostingPartner to contravene directly or indirectly to the Italian laws or those of any other State.

It is forbidden for the customer to use the telematic services of HostingPartner for illegal purposes, for sending of unrequested advertising ("spamming" or "spam") to discussion groups on Usenet ("newsgroups") and/or to mailboxes of users who don't have any relation with the sender.

It is therefore prohibited the publication of:

  • pornographic, obscene, erotic material or related to pedophilia
  • offensive material or with purposes that violates the morality and decency
  • material with purposes that violates the public order
  • material which violates the rights of third parties
  • copyrighted material
  • material illegally owned (pirate software, unauthorized copies, etc.)
  • information or databases in contrast with the current legislation

Violation of these prohibitions involves the legal termination of this contract according to art. no. 1456 C.C. (Italian Law), and compensation for the damage.

Obligations of HostingPartner:

HostingPartner is committed to maintaining the efficiency of the service. Should it be forced to stop the service due to exceptional events or maintenance, it will try to reduce as quickly as possible the time of outages and / or malfunction.

HostingPartner will define the appropriate procedures for access to services and reserves the right to improve them at any time to be able to increase efficiency.

HostingPartner will provide the Customer with all technical specifications for access to these services.

HostingPartner will register domain names with diligence, in strict compliance with the chronological order of requests received, if assisted by a valid proof of payment of the cost of service and other documentation required under these conditions.

It is intended that HostingPartner assumes obligation of means and not results, therefore, the success of the registration request is conditional to its acceptance by the competent Registration Authorities.

Limitation of HostingPartner's liability:

In no event shall HostingPartner nor any other that took part to the creation, production or supply of services of HostingPartner be liable for any direct or indirect, incidental, special or consequential damages of any nature, whether contractual or extra-contractual, resulting from the activation or use of HostingPartner services and / or from the interruption of their functioning.

No compensation can be required to HostingPartner for any direct or indirect damage, caused by the use or non-utilization of services. HostingPartner can't be considered liable for failures of its obligations arising from causes outside the sphere of the company's control or from force majeure.

HostingPartner can't be considered liable for failures of third parties which affect the functioning of network services provided to the Customer, including, for example, slow speed or failure of telephone lines and computers managing the network traffic between the Customer and the system of HostingPartner.


The Client acknowledges and accepts the existence of the electronic register of the functioning of HostingPartner (Log), created and maintained by HostingPartner. The contents of the log has the nature of absolute confidentiality and can be shown exclusively at the request of the competent Authority.


The consumer that has accepted the offer of HostingPartner has the right to withdraw within 10 working days after the completion of this contract, as defined by the agreement "completion and duration of the contract" of the general contract conditions, by registered letter to be sent to CORAEL Srl, Via Monte Nero 8 - 10154 Turin (Italy). The customer doesn't need to justify the exercise of this right and this won't result in any damaging or negative consequences for him.

HostingPartner will refund the amount paid by the customer, subtracted from cost of settings and the registered domain, within 30 days from the receipt of withdrawal notice with payment on customer's credit card.

The right of withdrawal meets the limits set by the Legislative Decree no. 185/99 (Italian Law), in particular, it can't be exercised if the service delivery was started with the consumer's agreement before the expiry of 10 working days after the completion of this contract.

Privacy Policy:

The personal data included in this contract are used by HostingPartner only for administrative purposes as well as for compliance with legal obligations, as stated in the Privacy Policy.

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