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Domains registration

Domain Registration Transfer Renewal
  Price /year
.com € 9,99
.eu € 9,99
.net  .org  .biz  .info .it € 9,99 € 8,00
.tel € 13,99
.mobi € 14,99
.co € 24,99
.tv € 32,99
.fr  .us  .be € 9,99
.de € 14,99
.es  .dk  .nl € 14,99
.ch € 18,90
.cn € 31,50

              VAT excluded  

      Register domain            www.    

      Transfer domain          www.    

Domain registration includes:

- a welcome page
- website redirect


The domain registration service does NOT include a web space or mailboxes.


Buy a Hosting plan and you will also have a web space to build your website!

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Domain registration means that we host on our web servers the registered domain (eg:, so that Internet users around the world can type in the URL of the domain registered by Hosting Partner and access your website from anywhere.


Simple steps to register a domain name:

  1. check if the domain to be registered is available

  2. fill in the data for the domain registration

  3. wait for our domain registration confirmation

The registered domain will be online within 24 hours and ready to be visited by Internet users around the world.

If you already have a registered domain, you can transfer your domain from your current Provider to Hosting Partner, which will manage for you all the aspects of the transfer.


What is a domain name?

A domain name is a "shortcut" that allows Internet users to easily access your website. Each server that hosts websites in the world has its unique IP address (Internet Protocol). Instead of typing a complex IP address like, the DNS (Domain Name System) allows you to use an address easy to remember, like, and access the website that way.

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