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Dedicated Servers

Choose the operating system you want for your Dedicated Server:

Linux Dedicated Servers
Windows Dedicated Servers

from € 89 per month
from € 119 per month

The Dedicated Hosting allows individuals and companies to rent a pre-configured and high-tech server. Rather than simply share the disk space like on a virtual server, a dedicated server allows the user to have an entire server and its resources for his exclusive use.

The equipment and connectivity provided with Dedicated Hosting services are fully managed by Hosting Partner, and we offer our clients a custom web server in a quality data center.

Dedicated servers are ideal for companies that want to have high-performance resources for their business on the web, having full access to the hardware and software resources of a server.

They are suitable for small and medium businesses, and anyone who wants to take advantage from the great potential of these machines.

The reasons for choosing a Dedicated Server:

  1. Low network overhead for your website

  2. Faster access. Unlike the shared server it doesn't allow multiple users to access the same server, but only the one who purchases the service

  3. Provides a safer system environment

  4. Is ideal for sites that handle a high volume of users and data

  5. You can customize hardware components to suit your needs

  6. You can independently choose the operating system and software you wish to use

  7. The customer is not responsible for maintenance and replacement of hardware components

  8. Greater flexibility for data backup and recovery than shared servers

Follow these simple steps to purchase your Dedicated Server:

  •  Choose the Dedicated Server you want (Windows or Linux) and click "Order"

  •  Choose the name of your server and the login password

  •  Choose the additional options you want

  •  Fill in the information for your account creation

  •  Submit the request and wait for our order confirmation 

Linux Dedicated Servers Windows Dedicated Servers

from € 89 per month
from € 119 per month

What is Dedicated HostingData center

Dedicated Hosting is a service where the customer gets dedicated bandwidth for access to online resources.
The servers, partitions and disk space are not shared with any other user. In this way you get a faster access to resources.

Dedicated servers are managed in our data center and can handle a high volume of data and traffic more efficiently. Dedicated Hosting services also have a higher level of security, and the user has complete control over the software configuration and maintenance.

With a dedicated server you can choose the operating system and applications you wish to use and customize settings to choose the most suitable for your site.
It's an excellent choice for users who want extensive control over the management of their server but don't want to deal with the big investment required for its purchase.

The Dedicated Server also allows you to use more professional applications such as databases, multimedia, and high-end email solutions, they offer 24h server and connectivity monitoring, and can host multiple websites on just one machine.

The fact that the Hosting Provider owns the dedicated server is a significant benefit for the customer because the provider is responsible for maintenance of equipment and Internet connection. If a hardware component fails, the provider is responsible for its replacement with no additional cost.
Another advantage of Dedicated Server is that it is custom designed for each user, hardware components (CPU, hard-disk, etc..) are provided according to customer requirements, thus maximizing the return on investment making sure that only the needed hardware is supplied.

For these advantages, Dedicated Servers can be considered a higher level service compared to those of shared servers because they offer greater control over your hosting environment, and are a most reliable way to establish your presence on the Internet.

Choose your Dedicated Server plan:

Linux Dedicated Servers                       Windows Dedicated Servers

from € 89 per month
from € 119 per month

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