Affiliate program

Earn promoting HostingPartner products

With HostingPartner affiliate program you can earn promoting our products on your web site.

How it works

Start making money with us is easy: fi you have a web site you can insert a link or a banner pointing to our site, and every time that a visitor will click on that link and he will make an order, you will earn a percentage of the price of the product sold (excluding VAT).

Even the subsequent renewals of the products will generate income for you (Basic , Business and Advanced plans).

Payment of commissions will be on request with invoice issuing when you reach the minimum amount of € 50 .
If you are an individual you will release to HostingPartner a receipt with withholding tax for every payment; if you have a VAT number we will ask to you for invoice issuing at the time of payment.

Affiliating with HostingPartner you will receive a € 5 bonus that will be charged immediately on your affiliate account.


Become our affiliate is completely free, to do it you have to do the registration entering your details and after activate your affiliate account from you Client Area clicking on the dedicated button in the Affiliates area.
If you are already registered in HostingPartner you can enter in your Client Area and click on the button above.

After this In seguito you will be provided the link to insert on your site, it allow you to earn. You will can post it everywhere you want and many times as you want, for more than one web sites.

From your Affiliate panel you can monitor all the access that come from your link, the order conversion percentage, and the amount of your earnings.

Earnings percentage

Products Percentage
Entry plans 10% (no renew)
Basic plans 10%
Business plans 10%
Advanced plans 15%


20 Order per month for Basic plans for 23 euros = you earn 46 euros per month.

10 Order per month for Business plans for 80 euros = you earn 80 euros per month.

10 Order per month for Advanced plans for 150 euro = you earn 225 euros per month.

Earnings Garanteed

After customer clicked on your link not necessarily he will have to do order immediately but will have 90 days, thanks that cookies will remain stored on the user computer (unless he does not remove them manually).

So if the customer make the in a second time you will still receive your commission!

A word of advice to earn more

Your target to have more gains, is to entice the customer to buy the product, so so do not limit yourself to just drop links or banners on your site, this is not enough. You will have to trying to attract his interest inserting descriptive text, a review, an article, that best describes what you are proposing.

So you will have mor orders and your gain will increase!

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